CoupleSKILLS Grow Great Relationships

This book presents brief and varied cases to illustrate the 6 competencies central to the CoupleSKILLS Program.  The Competencies (Commitment, Caring, Compatibility, Communication, Conflict, and Change) are accompanied by 36 easy-to-follow instructions and easy-to-apply skills.  The book’s core value is in the relevance of cases to particular issues facing readers.  Thereby both cases and applicable skills focus on the resolution of issues.   Buy Now on Amazon


Working Out With CoupleSKILLS – A Relationship Skills Manual for Singles and Couples

This is a workbook and training homework manual in a format that uses brief explanations and exercises.  It is used in programs and for independent homestudy in parallel with the CoupleSKILLS book, above.  Overall, the manual has proved especially useful for busy partners dealing with emergency issues, and for “homework assignments” emerging during counseling.