Dr. Rosemary Clarke

Doctor Rosemary Clarke is a specialist in showing couples, individuals and organizational groups “how to” communicate and work together for personal and common goals.  And as such she has emerged as a nationally respected practitioner, speaker, writer and trainer in the fields of interpersonal relations and relationships!  She works to bring practical skills and real-life credibility to her programs that teach HOW TO DO, not just WHAT TO DO!  To accomplish this she has 42 years of professional psychotherapy, counseling, and training experience with individuals, couples, business families and corporate groups.  More specifically:

  • She has presented programs before state, national and international conference groups on varied psychological-relationship content.
  • She integrates management, management consulting, training and journalism experience, plus doctoral level work in psychology.
  • She has designed skills models and programs for clients and participants tailored to organizational, training, and couple counseling-relationship concerns.
  • In turn her efforts have enjoyed wide acceptance!  Clients report finding Rosemary’s warm, interactive style as being especially well suited to learning and counseling.

Rosemary is a licensed psychotherapist with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.  In addition to counseling couples and individuals and working with her skills programs, she currently serves on the faculties of Webster University, Lewis University and on varied advisory boards.  She also serves as a mental health services provider for hospital and private wellness programs, and writes and has written for varied publications.  These include New Mexico Woman, The Albuquerque Business Times, and Abbey Press.  The latter publisher includes several of Rosemary’s publications in their roster of all-time best sellers!

Rosemary Clarke